Monday, February 13, 2012

Your Name Is Mine

And holy to me And your spirit
And that twin of divine
Death granted me in my sex
A complete breath And this silence
I trust And howl This body this
Spirit you gave me
A gift of Taxco rain
Fine as silver
An antique pleasure
Obsidian and jade
The centuries I knew you
Even before I knew your man
Sex mother me the elegance                                                                  
Of your jaguar mouth
                                     - By Sandra Cisneros

I chose this poem because I think it expresses how a daughter feels about her mother and her reflection on what her mother has given her. Throughout the poem she insinuates how she has her mothers spirit and jaguar mouth. When I first read this poem I thought the tone was going to be bitter and I thought she was going to feel disgrace with having her mother's name but after reading the poem I realized she was accepting her mother's traits as well as her name.

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